Haiku Deck – Guest Blogger Alex N

If you are wanting to have a go at using a different presentation tool why not try Haiku Deck!  It’s the one Colin and I used to present BYOD at the last PD day.  It’s free and it’s really easy to use as well as being web based so you can access it anywhere.  To sign up click here

What I really liked about it is its message of simplicity and that the focus should be on the visuals not on the text.  We all know how boring text laden power point slides are no matter how many fade in’s and fade outs are used!

So, what makes it easy to use?  Themes, so you can be consistent with your message. Templates, that don’t let you put too much text on a slide. And, 1000’s of creative commons images for you to use.

You can download an app from iTunes for your iPad, tablet or smartphone and it’s just as easy to use on these devices as a PC or laptop.  If you really want to you can also convert it to a power point presentation once you have completed it but don’t forget to leave a blank slide as a place-mark to embed any YouTube clips or videos.  And, to look really “tech savvy” you can sync your smart phone or ipad/tablet to the smart board or data projector and use it to control the presentation!

Give it a try for your next presentation to your class, you could maybe convert some of those old power point presentations to give them a different look.

I’m happy to help if you get stuck or Haiku Deck have a help email and they get back to you really quickly.

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