CLICKVIEW online creating playlists



This week we are looking at creating playlists in Clickview online and sharing them with your students using SIMON learning areas. Clickview online makes using Clickview flexible and allows students to watch and re-watch content in their own time. By linking through SIMON students are able to access outside of the classroom and also use their own devices to access the set videos.



Scootle is an online learning environment with 1000’s of resources as well as a collaborative platform for students to collaborate with their learning. If you have not yet registered with Scootle here are the links which you will need. Also there are some help files attached if you would like more information. If you are not yet a registered user of SCOOTLE you are able to join through accessing this link . If you are already registered and have forgotten your password click on this link to reset your password . I have also attached a link for further information on how to use scootle and some help files if you require and further assistance with SCOOTLE please don’t hesitate to contact through the contact page.

Paperless School idea #1- Collaborative Documents

Once every few weeks I will post a number of ideas which can help to reduce the amount of paper we need to print out. This weeks idea is collaborative documents and file sharing.

Meeting Words – Quick and Easy to use no need to sign up, this site allows you and your team or class to all be working on a document at the same time. Each person is a different colour. Documents can be printed, and saved.

Self Destructible Notes – Type text (post note) and get a link for it, can be password protected, send the link (email, twitter) to the recipient. As soon as the recipient reads it, the note will be destructed. You can attach a file to your note. It will be automatically deleted after the first downloading

Google Drive:  Getting a Google account is a great step towards using a range of collaborative tools which give you access to the many Google apps. Google Drive allows you to upload your files, edit anytime from anywhere, choose who can access your documents share and collaborate online.