SIMON Attendance- Tracking through student profiles

Within SIMON there are a number of ways to utilise the attendance data as both a classroom and home class teacher. You are able to get reports which show whole class attendance, individual attendance for 1 class or all student classes and also percentage of attendance for individual students across all leaning areas.

Today we are looking at the accessing the reports available through the student profile pages of SIMON.

1. Click student profiles and choose the student you are interested in, and then choose the student attendance tab on the left hand side of the page.

snip_20150925110446 snip_20150925110603









2. Once you have selected this tab there are three options a) attendance summary b)class attendance % and c) Period history. Each one shows slightly different information, once you selct the report you are after you click on the orange generate button. From Here you will receive the report.        snip_201509251106533. Attendance summary shows an overview of the students over the whole term with percentages.

Attendance Overview

4. Class attendance percentage breaks down the absences per class


5. Period history breaks this down further and shows where and when each absence has happened and in which class this has happened.

snip_20150925110225  snip_20150925110256

In the next blog post we will explore the reports available from the teacher roll mark page of SIMON. Good luck with this new information and please don’t hesitate to contact your ICT coaches if you wish to discuss this in further detail.

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